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Monday, October 27, 2008

Biden and Palin, "Tests" and Predictions

The strange series of parallels between the McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden campaigns just keeps growing.

First there was Jeremiah Wright, and his parallel in the McCain/Palin camp, Thomas Murthee, the Third Wave witchhunter who launched Palin's political career.

Then there was Bill Ayers and his Palin doppelganger, the militant Alaskan secessionist and founder of the Alaskan Independence Party, Joe Vogler. Vogler had sought and received sponsorship from Iran to address the UN on the subject of Alaskan secession but was murdered in 1993 in a "plastic explosives deal gone bad."

We had ACORN on the left, and the purging of swing-state voter rolls on the right.

Then there was the abortion issue.
Palin castigated Obama for failing to vote in favor of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in Illinois ( he voted "present" instead), even though Sarah in effect did likewise in Alaska by denying the Alaskan state legislature's request for extra debates on two anti-abortion bills (one requiring minors to obtain parental consent before having abortions and another outlawing partial-birth abortion except to save the life of the mother) and by refusing to allow the bills to be attached to the agenda of a special legislative session being held on her TOP legislative priority -- a new natural gas pipeline -- saying,
"Alaskans know I am pro-life and have never wavered in my belief in the sanctity of every human life. These issues are so important they shouldn't be diluted with oil and gas deliberations."

And, latest but not least, there's this.
Speaking at a fundraiser in Seattle on Sunday night, Joe Biden said:
“Mark my words, it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here . . . we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

Palin jumped on this immediately, saying,
"Biden's statement is the most bizarre yet. What the heck does that mean? Biden was suggesting that Obama is not prepared for the job. Even Biden believes that Obama is not ready to lead."

....and of course the right wing conspiracy nuts had a field day, twisting Biden's words into a dark insinuation that perhaps plans have already been made for just such a "test", should Obama be elected, and that Biden has prior knowledge of such plans.

But, look what was coming out of the Third Wave Church Movement (Palin's church is a participant in the Third Wave) back in September, a FULL MONTH before Biden's statement:

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 14:45:43 -0800

Dear friends,
Those of you who know me know that I am conservative with warnings and careful about what I release for prayer. That being said, at my prayer meeting last Friday, two of my very trusted intercessors both received warnings of an attack that would cause national mourning. Neither shared it with me until this past hour. In the meantime my daughter Kat and I both were hit with travail on Saturday afternoon (9/20/08). There was a tremendous weight on our hearts as we felt a death was going to happen. We prayed that afternoon and evening. This past Friday through today, I have an ALARMING sense that we are about to experience a terrorist attack that will launch our nation into a season of deep mourning. Just a few minutes ago Eleanor Roehl, a powerful Eskimo intercessor and prophet, called me to say she senses an imminent attack against our nation. Then Karen Fink came into my office to share the following revelation she had this past Friday with increasing weight on her heart ever since:She received the scripture Gen. 50:3,"A period of NATIONAL MOURNING". She then saw Sarah Palin standing alone and she was mantled with the American flag. The flag was upside down because things are inverted (upside down) right now. I knew she was stepping into an office that she was mantled for." At this time I have a STRONG sense that we must pray for our President and Vice President and their families. Also pray for the candidates running for election. Something is imminent so we MUST pray to avert what is coming or to minimize it's impact.
Let me know if you receive anything,
In Christ,Mary

Now, this in itself would hold little significance, were it not for the fact that Sarah Palin is a member of Mary Glazier's PRAYER GROUP -- McCain's vice presidential cantidate is a party to this stuff.
On June 13, 2008 Mary Glazier told attendees at the "Opening the Gate of Heaven on Earth" conference, who represented many of the New Apostolic Reformation's top leaders, that she had been present at the inception of Sarah Palin's political career and that Palin was in her personal prayer group :
"There was a twenty-four year old woman that God began to speak to about entering into politics. She became a part of our prayer group out in Wasilla. Years later, became the mayor of Wasilla. And last year was elected Governor of the state of Alaska. Yes! Hallelujah! At her inauguration she dedicated the state to Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

Hallelujah indeed.
Sarah Palin, standing ALONE and mantled with the American flag.

If I were John McCain, I think that I would be praying to LOSE this election.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin's Anti Catholic Affiliations

“Brazil is occupied by Catholics,but people are being saved anyway!"

.....Pastor Thomas Murthee, to whose anointing Sarah Palin credits her political success

"What would it mean for America to have a vice president, let alone a president, who might feel that Catholics and most Christians, and all non-Christians, hold invalid religious or philosophical beliefs and are under demonic influence?
Palin's churches..................tend to view the Catholic Church (especially) as well as all Protestant denominations as invalid and as manifestations of a "religious spirit" that's held to be demonic. Things devolve from there - the Third Wave stigmatizes much of Protestant and Catholic Christianity but it vilifies and literally demonizes Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and all non-Christian religions and belief systems as manifestations of "witchcraft", to be driven from the Earth by "spiritual warfare" and by a physical, end-time, purifying last-generation army.

.......From The Question Catholics Must Ask Sarah Palin"
by Frank Cocozzelli

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Palin Failed to Act to Help Outlaw Partial Birth Abortions in Alaska

The headlines this morning read,

Palin Gets Personal one Abortion Issue

Palin drubs Obama on abortion during Pa. rally

Palin: Obama "Atrocious" On Abortion , where
Amanda Carpenter wrote,

"Palin specifically attacked Obama for his votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act as an Illinois State Senator. “His position on this and on life has been his vote against legislation--three times voting against legislation that would provide medical care to a baby born having been a survivor of an abortion,” she said. “It's very appalling and I think if more Americans could understand how absolutely extreme that position is there would be a heckuva lot more outrage than we've already seen.”

Sarah has heckuva lot of room to talk.... NOT!
To begin with, Obama didn't vote against the anti-abortion legislation in question, rather, he disagreed with the wording of the bill, so he abstained, voting, "present", a move for which he caught "a heckuva lot" of flak from prochoice groups, by the way. But, it seems that when partial birth abortion was up for discussion in Alaska last spring, Sarah Palin was just too busy to bother with it.

In April, Governor Palin denied the Alaska state legislature's request for extra debates on two anti-abortion bills, one requiring minors to obtain parental consent before having abortions and another outlawing partial-birth abortion except to save the life of the mother. After state senators failed to reach agreement, the chamber's president tried to attach them to the agenda of a special legislative session being held on Palin's top legislative priority: a new natural gas pipeline.

Palin demurred, saying,

"Alaskans know I am pro-life and have never wavered in my belief in the sanctity of every human life," she said in a statement. "These issues are so important they shouldn't be diluted with oil and gas deliberations."

RIIIIIGGGGHHHHT..................Like other Republicans before her, Palin made lots of noise during her campaign about her "pro-life" position, but when the time came to act against abortion, she did NOTHING.

Sarah Palin is all for saving babies' lives alright... as long as the saving their lives doesn't get in the way of more important political business, such as gas pipelines.

Fact is, it seems that every time Sarah points her perfectly enameled fingertip at Obama, three more are pointing straight back at her.

Republicans point towards Obama's whacko preacher, whom he has DISAVOWED, but Palin has yet to disavow Pastor Murthee, the African pastor renowned as a witch hunter -- in fact, she publically credits her political success to Murthee's anointing at Wasilla Assembly of God.

Republicans have been insinuating for MONTHS that Obama isn't a loyal American, and last week Sarah Palin has accused him outright of "palling around with terrorists", but she and her husband did these very things when they were members of the Alaskan Independence Party -- Todd and Sarah Palin wanted to see their state to secede from the Union, and the Alaskan Independence Party's founder, Joe Vogler, collaborated with IRAN to the end that it should do so.

Joe Vogler is also quoted as saying,

"My government is my worst enemy. I'm going to fight them with any means at hand"

"The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American
government, and I won't be buried under their damn flag. I'll be buried in
Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home."

Somehow, "God damn America" pales in comparison.

Face it, the only thing Palin has in her favor is that she claims to be prolife, and when she had a chance to strike against partial birth abortions in her own state, , she didn't -- she was too busy pushing her political agenda, trying to get a gas pipeline approved.

Palin has the reputation of being a good, solid, born again Christian, but she rails and she lies and she slings mud, whereas Obama, whom most would say is at best a NewAgey, watered down sort of Christian, does none of these things.
While he is wrong when it comes to abortion and when life begins, in all other aspects, Obama has behaved in a more Christian way than John McCain and especially Sarah Palin -- no matter how much people insult him, revile him and lie about him, throughout his campaign Barack Obama has conducted himself as a Christian should, with dignity and charity, in a manner befitting a President of the United States.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Voter Purges and Deja vu.... Election 2008 has the potential to turn into Florida all over again

From The Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, Montana:

Army 1st Lt. Kevin Furey of Helena is furious.

That's because Furey, a former Democratic state representative from Missoula, found out Friday that his right to vote was challenged by the Montana Republican Party.
Furey got the news just days before he will ship off to Kuwait and then Iraq for his second tour of duty.
"It is ironic that at the same time I am about to return to Iraq to help build a democracy that my own right to vote is being challenged at home for partisan purposes. These challenges are a blatant and offensive attempt to suppress the rights of voters," Furey said in a telephone interview from Chicago, where he was on leave visiting his ailing grandmother.
Furey joins perhaps millions of Americans who may find themselves fighting for their right to vote in the Nov. 4 presidential election because of an increasing number of legal battles across the country regarding voting rights.
On Tuesday, the Montana Republican Party jumped into the fray when it challenged the eligibility of 6,000 registered voters in six counties that historically are Democratic strongholds.

Today, Lieutenant Furey released the following statement:

"It is ironic that at the same time I am about to return to Iraq to help build a democracy that my own right to vote is being challenged at home for partisan purposes. These challenges are a blatant and offensive attempt to suppress the rights of voters."

From TheMissoulian:

Republicans..... continue their efforts to fight what they see as possible voter fraud with questions about cleaning the voter rolls.Two days before the state Republican Party withdrew its challenges of several thousand registered voters in the state based on address discrepancies, Montana's former U.S. senator, Conrad Burns, e-mailed every county elections official in the state asking for the last time the county had “purged” its list of registered voters.

From CBS News:
“It appears as though Georgia is going out of its way to look to purge voters. They are going beyond what’s allowed for by federal law,” Jon Greenbaum, an attorney with the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights told CBS News. “

And from the Free Press:

"The GOP continues to resist attempts to subpoena Michael Connell, a shady Republican computer operative who programmed the 2000 Bush-Cheney web site. Connell was also hired by former Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell in 2004 to tabulate the Ohio vote count. Under Connell, Ohio's vote totals were shunted to a computer bank in the same basement in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that housed the servers of the Republican National Committee. In the early hours of the morning after election day, vote totals mysteriously began shifting from Kerry to Bush, swinging the 2004 election. Connell's cyber-security industry colleague Stephen Spoonamore, a Republican and former McCain supporter, has said that Connell may be able to shed light on vote count rigging in the 2008 vote count as well. Attorneys in the King-Lincoln-Bronzeville civil rights lawsuit have thus far been unable to secure Connell's sworn testimony.

As the moment of truth arrives, McCain-Palin attacks based on race, alleged "terrorist" ties and more are sure to increasingly dominate the GOP campaign. But far more insidious will be an all-out assault on voter registration in the name of "voter fraud," and on finding new ways to undermine the national vote, most importantly on electronic voting machines of the kind programmed by Michael Connell......

If those supporting the democratic process are not exceedingly vigilant, the GOP could use these tactics to once again take the White House."

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Palin's Prophet: Some links to the theology of Pastor Murthee, George Otis, "Transformations", and the Third Wave

Those who are interested in learning more about what Pastor Murthee (the African witch hunter who anointed Sarah Palin), George Otis, and others connected to the Transformations Revival movement REALLY believe, should look at these links:

Here's a brief sampling, taken from lectures given in Tacoma on Moral Government Theology, where George Otis made the following statements:

· “God has positionally sanctified you and that you’re standing in Christ is something that is different from your actual state… Christ has not redeemed us by giving His life as a ransom for our sins in order that He might release us. If we accept the premise that Jesus literally purchased… our salvation with his blood… and He paid the Father… then this approach, first of all portrays God the Father as being vindictive and blood-thirsty and totally incompatible with biblical forgiveness.”

· “Forgiveness… is the relaxation of a legitimate claim… it would be impossible for God to have, as one hymn put it, “paid the debt and forgave me all my sins.”

· “The essence of Christ’s Atonement existed in His obedience to the moral law on behalf of sinners. Christ obeyed during his life the moral law for us and that’s really the essence of the Atonement.”

· “Christ has not redeemed us by giving His life as a ransom for our sins in order that He might release us. God never kept man captive in sin. The truth is Christ paid no man’s debt.”

“If we accept the premise that Jesus literally purchased our salvation with His blood… and He paid the Father… then this approach portrays God the Father as being vindictive and blood-thirsty and totally incompatible with biblical forgiveness. It also presents another grave difficulty. If Jesus literally paid for our sins with His blood, and paid a debt that is no longer a debt, and He died for the sins of the whole world, then we [and the theological world] can only come to one conclusion, namely Universalism, which means that everybody will be saved.”
· “The power of the cross, today, does not lie in some vague, abstract, ethereal cosmic transaction but rather in the literal subduing of the human heart. Let’s reverse things and let’s tell the Lord Jesus that when He comes to us, when He comes to his own, that we will receive Him, that we will take Him down off that cross.”

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pal-in' Around with Terrorists..

Jeremiah Wright is now famous for his "God damn America" sermon, and since Sarah's dive into the mudpits last week, we've all gotten an earful of Obama's "relationship" with Bill Ayers, but, how about the terrorists that Sarah has been "pal-in" around with?

At The Salon, David Talbot writes this concerning the Palin's unamerican activities:

"My government is my worst enemy. I'm going to fight them with any means
at hand."

This was former revolutionary terrorist Bill Ayers back in his old Weather Underground days, right? Imagine what Sarah Palin is going to do with this incendiary quote as she tears into Barack Obama this week.

Only one problem. The quote is from Joe Vogler, the raging anti-American who founded the Alaska Independence Party. Inconveniently for Palin, that's the very same secessionist party that her husband, Todd, belonged to for seven years and that she sent a shout-out to as Alaska governor earlier this year. ("Keep up the good work," Palin told AIP members. "And God bless you.")

AIP chairwoman Lynette Clark told me recently that Sarah Palin is her kind of gal

"She's Alaskan to the bone ... she sounds just like Joe Vogler."

Talbot asks,

"So who are these America-haters that the Palins are pallin' around with?

Before his strange murder in 1993, party founder Vogler preached armed insurrection against the United States of America. Vogler, who always carried a Magnum with him, was fond of saying, "When the [federal] bureaucrats come after me, I suggest they wear red coats. They make better targets. In the federal government are the biggest liars in the United States, and I hate them with a passion. They think they own [Alaska]. There comes a time when people will choose to die with honor rather than live with dishonor. That time may be coming here. Our goal is ultimate independence by peaceful means under a minimal government fully responsive to the people. I hope we don't have to take human life, but if they go on tramping on our property rights, look out, we're ready to die."

This quote is from "Coming Into the Country," by John McPhee, who traipsed around Alaska's remote gold mining country with Vogler for his 1991 book. The violent-tempered secessionist vowed to McPhee that if any federal official tried to stop him from polluting Alaska's rivers with his earth-moving equipment, he would "run over him with a Cat and turn mosquitoes loose on him while he dies."

Vogler wasn't just a blowhard either. He put his secessionist ideas into action, working to build AIP membership to 20,000 -- an impressive figure by Alaska standards -- and to elect party member Walter Hickel as governor in 1990."

In 1991, in an interview that's now in the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Vogler cursed America, her government, and the flag:
"The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government," Vogler said in the interview, in which he spoke at length of his desire for Alaskan secession, the key goal of the AIP. "And I won't be buried under their damn flag," Vogler continued. "I'll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home."

And, Vogler's murder came about as a result of a PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES deal gone bad:

From the archives of the New York Times:
Remains of Alaska Separatist Are Identified
Published: October 15, 1994

Fingerprint tests show that human remains found in a gravel pit east of Fairbanks on Wednesday are those of Joe Vogler, the founder of the Alaskan Independence Party, who vanished in May 1993, Alaska state troopers said today.
The discovery of the remains, following an anonymous tip to the authorities, apparently resolves a year-and-a-half-old mystery concerning Mr. Vogler, a folk hero throughout the state who was 80 when he disappeared from his home here.
The blue tarp and duct tape in which the remains were wrapped, officials said, matched a description given by a convicted thief, Manfred West, who confessed last summer that he had killed Mr. Vogler in a plastic-explosives sale gone bad and had then buried him."

But it gets worse. Vogler was also pallin' around with hostile foreign governments:

Talbot writes,
"Vogler's greatest moment of glory was to be his 1993 appearance before the United Nations to denounce United States "tyranny" before the entire world and to demand Alaska's freedom. The Alaska secessionist had persuaded the government of Iran to sponsor his anti-American harangue.
That's right ... Iran. The Islamic dictatorship. The taker of American hostages. The rogue nation that McCain and Palin have excoriated Obama for suggesting we diplomatically engage. That Iran."

Yeah, that Iran.
'Nuff said... and, thanks, David. I couldn't add anything to this if I tried.

Joe Biden's Charitable Donations

Over at The Khaki Elephant blog, the blog owner observes that "Biden Talks The Talk, Palin Walks The Walk", saying that "when it comes to charitable giving, Joe Biden talks the talk, but Sarah Palin walks the walk", and he had provided graphs and charts to show us that "according to contributions adjusted by gross income, the Palins are around 12x more charitable than the Bidens."

Now, that's the second time since breakfast that I've heard this same line of reasoning today ....on a talk forum this morning, I was directed to a YouTube video pertaining to Joe Biden's charitable donations last year, or the lack thereof.

Bob wrote,
"As for that article you posted from the Huffington Post,none of that even checks out at all.It's just talking points for Obama.
Now,I have a good You Tube link that brings out documented proof about Obama,the person even tells you exactly what to Google so you can check it out for yourself. ...."

After watching the video, I responded:
"Bob, that YouTube site didn't have a lot of facts that I could check out. It was mostly music and sound effects and was designed to appeal to its audience's emotions, rather than their intellect. I did google "Biden charitable donations" and saw that he was recorded as giving $369 yearly to charity, but all that that tells me is that:

A.) he isn't using charitable contributions as a tax deduction
B.)that any deductions he may be making over $369 per year are not a matter of public record."

Three hundred sixty-nine dollars a year... what a piddly amount. Charities and such are a big deal in Washington, socially and politically. Certainly someone of Biden's stature can afford to give more, and Joe's been in politics long enough to know that money given to charity is money well spent, when it comes to raising oneself in the eyes of one's peers and the voting public.

But maybe Joe doesn't care what people think. Maybe that's because he's such a tightwad that he only gives away $369 yearly and doesn't care who knows it or what that will do to him politically, or maybe he doesn't care because he's obeying Jesus's instructions regarding charitable giving:

Mat 6:2 Therefore when thou doest [thine] alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Mat 6:3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: Mat 6:4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

Now, taking into account that the Palins are very upfront about both their Pentecostal Christian faith and the amount of money they "give" to charity (and recieve back again in the form of tax deductions and social and political attaboys)....
... WHO'S talking the talk, and who's walking the walk?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Pot, meet Kettle: McCain's Radical Pal, David Ifshin

Over the weekend Sarah Palin took the opening dive into the pre-election mudpit with her accusation that Obama has been guilty of "palling around with terrorists".
This was not a reference to Middle Eastern terrorists -- at least not overtly -- but derives from the fact that Obama once served on the same non-profit community board as former 60's radical Bill Ayers.

Back when Obama was a little boy, Ayers was one of the founders of the Weather Underground, a terrorist organization responsible for a number of bombings in the 60's. Since then, the Weather Underground has gone out of existance, and Ayers has become a university professor who once hosted a community fundraiser for Obama's campaign at his house. Obama, though he never knew Ayers in his radical days, has repeatedly denounced his radical, violent past.

But, according to Marc Cooper of the Huffington Post, McCain has a radical pal in his closet as well -- one of the most prominent of Vietnam-era student radicals, David Ifshin, the same David Ifshin who denounced America on Radio Hanoi as McCain sat locked up as a POW.
Ifshin led the takeover of his Syracuse university campus , aided radicals trying to shut down Washington DC with streets protests in May 1971, and went with folksinger Phil Ochs to Uruguay, where they joined a local university takeover, got arrested and were deported.

Like Ayers, Ifshin grew up and went mainstream following the 60's. Ayers became a university professor, whereas Ifshin went into politics and became General Counsel to the Bill Clinton campaign as well as a leader in pro-Israeli causes. Also like Ayers, Ifshin never renounced nor apologized for his radical past until the day he died in 1996, and apparently McCain had no problem with that.
Cooper writes:
"Senator John McCain forged a close personal friendship with Ifshin, as well as a working political alliance. Together they worked to establish the Institute for Democracy in Vietnam and partnered up on the issue of normalization of relations with Vietnam.

As recently as two years ago, speaking at Columbia College,
McCain affectionately and warmly recalled his relationship with Ifshin saying:

"We worked together in an organization dedicated to promoting human rights
in the country where he and I had once come for different reasons. I came to
admire him for his generosity, his passion for his ideals, for the largeness of
his heart, and I realized he had not been my enemy, but my countryman . . . my
countryman ...and later my friend. His friendship honored me. We disagreed over
much. Our politics were often opposed, and we argued those disagreements. But we worked together for our shared ideals."

That John McCain is unrecognizable from the man who today stands behind the scurrilous attacks suggesting that Barack Obama pals around with terrorists because Bill Ayres - when Obama was literally eight years old--stupidly fancied himself an armed revolutionary.
The old John McCain was able to overcome his own repulsion against a young man who went on the radio station of the enemy who was holding and torturing him and built a warm friendship with him. If Obama were to run commercials today criticizing McCain for hanging out with the Tokyo Rose of the Vietnam era, it would be nearly as execrable as the McCain campaign's current smears around Bill Ayres."

I agree.
In case you haven't noticed, folks, in the words of Tennessee Williams, there's "a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room... there ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity."

You can smell it, hanging all around this election and around Governor Palin in particular ... and yes, Tennessee, it smells like death.

Friday, October 03, 2008

"Pigs is pigs"... but some pigs are more equal than others....

On a talk forum today, "redheaded mama" wrote:
Oh and the "church" he attends has a hate-mongering, radical, racist for a preacher. What is wrong with the Democratic party?? Have they lost their marbles??GO McCAIN/PALIN '08!!!!!!!!!!

Wright is radical, alright....
...but is he anymore radical that Pat Robertson was when he said this:
"I would warn Orlando that you're right in the way of some serious hurricanes, and I don't think I'd be waving those flags in God's face if I were you, This is not a message of hate -- this is a message of redemption. But a condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It'll bring about terrorist bombs; it'll bring earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor."

...Or how about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson when they said this, right after 9/11:
Falwell said, "What we saw on Tuesday, as terrible as it is, could be miniscule if, in fact, God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve."
Robertson replied, "Well, Jerry, that's my feeling. I think we've just seen the antechamber to terror, we haven't begun to see what they can do to the major population."Falwell said, "The ACLU has got to take a lot of blame for this. And I know I'll hear from them for this, but throwing God...successfully with the help of the federal court system...throwing God out of the public square, out of the schools, the abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked and when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad...I really believe that the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way, all of them who try to secularize America...I point the thing in their face and say you helped this happen."

All three men -- Wright, Falwell and Robertson -- said that God was judging -- damning -- the American people for tolerating sin in our midst. The only difference was that Wright "damned"America for the sins of racism, slavery, and genocide, whereas Robertson and Falwell said she was damned for permitting homosexuality, abortion, and sexual immmorality.

Now, ALL of these things are sins, and I was always taught that "sin is sin", but I guess the sins of racism, genocide, and oppressing minorities and the poor for the last three centuries just aren't as "damnable" as are the sins of homosexuality, paganism, and sexual immorality...

....or maybe the difference is that when it comes to the sin of racism and oppressing the poor, SOME people just aren't quite as willing to GIVE a "Damn."