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Thursday, July 26, 2007


At True Womanhood in the New Millennium , Corrie wrote,

“The ones who dress immodestly are what Pink calls the “Stupid Girls”. They are not really feminists. They will give their bodies to anyone. They are boy toys. Feminists, in my view, are not women who dress like tarts and who consider themselves boy toys. Actually, most feminists can’t stand that sort of thing.”

That’s true. But the people in the hyperPatriarchal camp are trying to give a NEW definition to the word, “feminist”.

Truth doesn’t matter here — the people in the Movement want to create a new perception, so that whenever people hear the word, “feminist", they will automatically associate it in their minds with a brainless “boy toy” who has had at least three abortions in college while moonlighting as a strident, man-and-baby-hating lesbian CEO.

Never mind the dissimiltude — people juggle disparate ideas in their heads all the time. Just repeat the same lie until it becomes part of the collective mentality, and people will believe it, however preposterous it may sound. In fact, the bigger and more illogical the lie, the more successful it will be: derived from Hitler’s propaganda techniques, the “Big Lie” theory maintains that people will believe a big lie more readily than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later come to believe it.

This is known in political circles as using a “talking point”.

As described by Wikipedia , a talking point is "an idea which may or may not be factual, usually compiled in a short list with summaries of a speaker’s agenda for public or private engagements. Public relations professionals, for example, sometimes prepare “talking points memos” for their clients to help them more effectively conform public presentations with this advice."

A political think tank will strategize the most effective informational attack on a target topic and launch talking points from media personalities to saturate discourse in order to frame a debate in their favor, standardizing the responses of sympathizers to their unique cause while simultaneously co-opting the language used by those discussing the specific subject. When used politically in this way, the typical purpose of a talking point is to propagandize, specifically using the technique of argumentum ad nauseam, i.e. continuous repetition within media outlets until accepted as fact."

Whether it’s concerning Feminist-BoyToy-Lesbian-CEOs or the Final Solution, “SPIN” is most definitely not about logic.