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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yank Dominionists are considering taking over....New Zealand?????

No, it's not a plot for a bad sci-fi movie, it's....

"The Three Greatest Issues Facing the Men of New Zealand"

....and the first wave of the "invasion" has already hit the island, just over a month ago:

"A group of 15 Christian home educating fathers is coming from the USA to investigate New Zealand as a possible place to which to re-locate their families.

They are eager to meet with other men living in New Zealand to learn about the country, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, financial institutions, health and welfare issues, how home education works here and what the home education community is like.

Four public meetings are planned in order to facilitate this, and each meeting is also featuring a formal talk by either Geoff or son Isaac Botkin. These should be of particular interest and benefit to New Zealand Christian home educating fathers, as well as mums, to enhance and encourage their own vision for what home education can and will do for their families, the Church and society as a whole.

The Botkin family lived near Snells Beach and then in Christchurch for six years, making it their business to meet and get to know as many leaders as they could in the Church, the media, economics, politics, home education, etc. Do strive to come to whichever of their meetings you are able.


Veteran producer and IT pioneer Geoffrey Botkin serves as an advisor to the Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences. He has written and directed some of the most controversial and widely watched public affairs films of the last twenty years, reaching viewers across the U.S., Russia, Europe, and Australasia. He has produced or executive-produced more than one-hundred documentary films, television productions, and other media projects.

In addition to time spent as CEO of an experimental international print/broadcast/Internet media conglomerate, Mr. Botkin has invested many years into the training of young media professionals, primarily at Deerwood Studios in the U.S. and the Family Television Network of New Zealand.

Mr. Botkin has lectured on philosophy and history at Hillsdale College, on politics at the Heritage Foundation, and on theology at worldview conferences in the U.S. and New Zealand. With his wife and seven children, he is currently researching the future of the feature motion picture."

...................................................from the "Home Education Foundation" blog

The theonomists are in loooooooove with New Zealand, and that's no big surprise.

New Zealand is a desirable country, from a dominionist-cultist point of view -- undeveloped, fertile, Eurocentric, and underpopulated -- in fact, the only problem with New Zealand, to borrow a phrase from Braveheart, is that it is full of New Zealanders.

But, Botkins & Co are quite literally banking on the fact that some influential Kiwis can be turned towards their theological/sociological point of view, and that other NZealanders will see the fiscal advantage of working with filthy rich Yank "enterpreneurs" despite their strange religious beliefs, and will put up with a certain amount of goofiness for the sake of gain, at least for a little while.... which is all the time the Botkins group needs to gain a toehold in the country, entrench themselves in the financial and political system there, and start outbreeding the locals.

It's the same old dominionist game plan, and the same old dominionist goal, but in the microcosm of New Zealand, given the Botkins' connections and their apparently limitless access to financial resources, it is a goal which would take several hundred years to accomplish anywhere else in the world, but which could be brought to fruition in New Zealand in less than 50 years.


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