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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin's Anti Catholic Affiliations

“Brazil is occupied by Catholics,but people are being saved anyway!"

.....Pastor Thomas Murthee, to whose anointing Sarah Palin credits her political success

"What would it mean for America to have a vice president, let alone a president, who might feel that Catholics and most Christians, and all non-Christians, hold invalid religious or philosophical beliefs and are under demonic influence?
Palin's churches..................tend to view the Catholic Church (especially) as well as all Protestant denominations as invalid and as manifestations of a "religious spirit" that's held to be demonic. Things devolve from there - the Third Wave stigmatizes much of Protestant and Catholic Christianity but it vilifies and literally demonizes Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and all non-Christian religions and belief systems as manifestations of "witchcraft", to be driven from the Earth by "spiritual warfare" and by a physical, end-time, purifying last-generation army.

.......From The Question Catholics Must Ask Sarah Palin"
by Frank Cocozzelli


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