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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blackwater: Guns for Hire or Trojan Horsemen?

A couple of years ago, a fellow blogger wrote to me,

"Speaking of Gary North, I just finished reading a book called “Blackwater”. BW is a private security company here in US that receives gov’t contracts to provide protection in war torn areas -essentially they are mercenaries.
Anyway Gary North’s name is spoken of there in many places along with other key players that are known in republican conservative christian circles. Scary stuff ethically . .. as it seems to be getting their ( BW ) stamp of approval.
You have to read the book to get what I’m talking about.
I mention it because it helps give you a profile of the man and others like him."

Sure does.... Blackwater, Inc (the company, not the book), is one group that bears watching, and our government knows it. The question is, who’s watching whom…

The group’s founder, Erik Prince, also is on the board of Christian Freedom International, “a nonprofit group with a mission of helping Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.”

According to Wikipedia, the organization’s board members include a wide cross section of conservative notables, from Michael P. Farris, former President of the Home School Legal Defense Association and founder of Patrick Henry College in Virginia, to former Swiss Ambassador Faith Whittlesey.

But to understand more about Blackwater and the climate in which it was created, one needs to also understand the family of its founder. Eric Prince is the brother in-law to Dick DeVos Jr, heir to the Amway fortune.

In 1975 the elder Richard DeVos (then president of Amway Corporation), together with a group of conservative businessmen (including John Talcott of Ocean Spray Cranberries and Art De Moss, board chairman of the National Liberty Insurance Corporation), took control of the tax-exempt Christian Freedom Foundation. Their purpose, apparently, was to use the foundation's tax-exempt status to further religious right organizing efforts and to channel funds into Third Century Publishers, who produced "One Nation Under God", which provides a political rationale for the religious right. According to journalist Russ Bellant, DeVos and friends funded the publication not to merely increase church attendance, but to create a movement whereby authoritarian church structures would come to govern the United States, as do the mullahs in the Islamic states in other regions of the world.
Richard Sr. and Jr. have been the most generous benefactors of this movement, along with Dick Jr.’s late father-in-law; in 1976, Art De Moss admitted publicly that the purpose of CFF was to elect Christian conservatives to Congress :"The vision is to rebuild the foundations of the Republic as it was when first founded--a 'Christian Republic.' We must return to the faith of our fathers."

DeVos is also a member of the Council for National Policy ( CNP ). The Council was created in 1981 by leaders of the extremist John Birch Society to move the United States in a very rightward direction. The Birchers explicitly reject democracy, as do many of the allies they recruited for the CNP. For years they organized White Citizens Council to fight the civil rights movement and later melded into the militia movement.

The CNP has included such notables as the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, the Reverends Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and D. James Kennedy; Richard Shoff (a former leader of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan); members of the Coors brewery family, and Texas oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt. Ex-lobbyist and confessed felon Jack Abramoff lobbied on behalf of Blackwater; he and his cohort in crime, former Amway distributor Tom Delay, are also in the CNP.

Another group supported by the DeVos family is the Foundation for Traditional Values, affiliated with D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Ministry, who assert that the United States was created as a “Christian Nation” that was subsequently subverted. They claim that the subversion of Christianity began with the constitutional amendment to abolish slavery in the 1860’s.


Russ Bellant, in his article, "Profile of a Christian Right Candidate: Dick DeVos", writes that "... the FTV teaches that citizens must create a “Christian Republic” and thereby purge secularism from America." Bellant writes that they conduct annual political action youth training programs on government property - in some cases, using the very state capitol buildings themselves! -- and hold large fundraising events where the DeVoses are prominent sponsors.

I could go on…. but isn’t it CHARMING, that these seditious, anti-American billlionaire whackos have their own private army – Blackwater Inc. — an army which has received the approbation of our government in the form of our tax dollars — the Bush administration hired Blackwater to “help us out” both in New Orleans, after Katrina, and in the war in Iraq, in the latter case by flying prisoners to various international locations to be "interrogated" !

This is has a huge potential to bite us in the butt, make no mistake. Private armies with private agendas are never trustworthy. Rome fell, in part, due to her dependence upon foreign mercenaries, but in this case, the rot is housed and funded from within our very own borders.


Friday, January 16, 2009

United "Liberty"??? (well, one out of two ain't bad....)

Over on "United Liberty" blog, contributor Matt Chancey observes,
"Increasingly, these young people are voting more and more Democratic. Of course, liberal Democrats have always enjoyed the majority of the youth vote - what little there was. But today’s socially conscious youth are making up an increasing percentage of the electorate and are going to play a larger role in certain elections.
Conservatives don’t do well with young people because they are seen as part of the older generation and not tuned into the needs of others. Conservatives are seen as misers who only care about their own affairs, their own businesses, their own retirement funds, etc....." which I posted a rather lengthy comment, included below. However, upon revisiting United Liberty this evening I found that my comment has been deleted. So, I reposted it just now, prefaced by the following statement:

"This morning I posted the following comment (below) to this blog. This evening I found that it has been deleted.
To the best of my knowledge, I have documented the claims that I have made pertaining to Matt Chancey, Doug Phillips, et al; if anything that I have said is false, I invite you refute it.
But if what I have stated is true, why delete it?"

We'll see how long it lasts this time.....

This morning, I wrote,
Maybe the young folks are getting turned off of conservatism because they're tired of getting hoodwinked by people who pose as conservatives and loyal Americans but who upon closer inspection turn out to be something else entirely.

To begin with, during Matt Chancey's recent run for office in Alabama, it was revealed that Matt Chancey opposes women’s suffrage on religious grounds:

Matt Chancey and his wife Jennie believe that it is a sin (or at the very least, is highly inadvisable) for women to vote, hold political office, attend college, or work outside the home. These views are expounded upon at great length on Jennie Chancey’s website,Ladies Against Feminism.

Apparently, in the Chancey household’s ideal world, fathers would vote for the household, and all daughters would live at home “serving their fathers“ until the time of their arranged courtship and marriage, at which time they would pass from their father’s ownership into their husband’s possession, thus assuring that they would never have the chance to vote; theoretically, any adult sons living at home would be similarly disenfranchised.

Certainly women COULD vote under such a system if they were the heads of their own household, but the only time that this would happen would be when a woman was widowed, and then only until such time as she remarried or moved in with an adult male relative.

Matt Chancey is also on very intimate terms with Doug Phillips, the president and founder of VisionForum Ministries, a major homeschooling curriculum company. Doug Phillips is described by Matt Chancey as being his dear friend and mentor, while Phillips in turn praises as his own intellectual hero one of the most virulent racists of the 19th century, Robert L. Dabney; Phillips has authored a book , Robert Louis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks.
Like his cohorts Doug Phillips, Nathaniel Darnell, Justin Turley, Peter Bradrick, and other Vision Forum afficianados, Matt considers the Confederacy to be the most "Christian" nation to ever exist.
History texts sold by VisionForum are revised in order to portray the South as the protagonist of the Civil War; not surprisingly, many young folks who have been educated using VisionForum materials are associated with Southern secessionist movemnts, and many hold views like this:
"Hey there! Do me a favor please, check out my latest blog post and vote for Matt Chancey for Man of the Year. Spread the word; we need him to win!!! He's a good Confederate. :-) ...Spencer"

This particular young man also has a blog, Books, Bones, Bricks, and Bullets, where he describes himself thusly:"My name is Spencer. I'm 20 years old, a Bible-believing Christian, and I live in California. I am many things. I trust my savior Jesus Christ above all else, and strive to follow Him unceasingly. My soul is that of the warrior's, and I seek to fulfill my duties as such. I am science-minded, and am pursuing a career in dinosaur paleontology. I am for my God, and His Word, the Holy Bible. I am for the literal six-day interpretation of the Creation account as found in the book of Genesis. I am for my country and its military, and I will give my support to those who defend this nation and its people, even if it means that we are forced to wage war. I am for homeschooling, the rights of parents and the unborn, the Biblical family, and courtship. I am for the rights of gun owners, and believe in carrying. I am for martial arts, and advocate the study of those means necessary to protect the family, the faithful, and the defenseless. I am for the dying ways of chivalry; "Women and Children First!" is a creed well worth dying for. I am for conservatism, and did I mention that I'm also a states' rights Confederate flag-waving Rebel? This is me. Welcome to my blog.

Wow. 'Nuff said...