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Sunday, July 06, 2008

More on Matt Chancey, Cantidate for President of the Alabama Public Service Commission

Alabama voters should be made aware that Matt Chancey opposes women's suffrage on religious grounds.

Matt Chancey and his wife Jennie believe that it is a sin (or at the very least, is highly inadvisable) for women to vote, hold political office, attend college, or work outside the home. These views are expounded upon at great length on Jennie Chancey's website,Ladies Against Feminism.

Matt Chancey is also on very intimate terms with Doug Phillips, the president and founder of VisionForum Ministries, a major homeschooling curriculum company. Phillips also teaches that God doesn't allow women to vote or hold office.
Doug Phillips is described by Matt Chancey as being his dear friend and mentor, while Phillips in turn praises as his own intellectual hero one of the most virulent racists of the 19th century, Robert L. Dabney, and has authored a book , Robert Louis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks.

...and Matt is not above a bit of internet sleight of hand, either, when it will aid his political ends, as shown by this article, from the Washington Post.

One writer, Joshua C---, has pointed out on several forums that "Jennie's point was that gender should have nothing to do with voting if you have a system where a vote represents a family. In a sense, her position is actually very "progressive" since it would give representation to children, whereas they are completely left out of the suffrage question today."

Josh writes, "Keep in mind that people do have personal convictions......People used to vote as a family and also people who owned land used to vote, because their vote affected their land. I wonder if Cynthia Gee knew this? And if so, then she is ashamed of her founding fathers because that's how they voted!"

Our Constitution guarantees that no American who has reached the age of 18 shall be denied the the right to vote without due process, regardless of race, sex, or creed, or income level.

Our founding fathers weren't perfect --it is true that when they founded this country, they designed our laws in such a way so that "people used to vote as a family" -- or, more properly put, only heads of household could vote -- and those same laws allowed ONLY people who owned land -- IE, those people who were relatively WEALTHY -- to vote as well; those same founding fathers also wrote the laws of our land so as to allow some people to keep other people as slaves.

Am I ashamed of those things? You bet I am, but is Matt Chancey? Or, in his heart of hearts, would he like to see a return to a time in our history when only rich white landowners like himself could exercise the right to vote?

The voters of Alabama deserve to know the answer to that question, BEFORE they go to the polls. Certainly people have a right to their personal convictions, but the voters have the right to know that Matt Chancey's convictions concerning suffrage and a good many other things are very much at odds with what is considered right and decent in America today.

Just as you wouldn't want a man who holds a strong personal conviction that it is acceptable to embezzle money to serve as your banker or stockbroker, most Americans would not want a man who holds a personal conviction that voting should be restricted to male landowning heads of household to serve them in a position of governmental authority, and the voters of Alabama have a right to know about Matt Chancey's unConstitutional, unAmerican convictions BEFORE they head to the polls.


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