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Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama, And a Cause for Concern

There's a slick new Obama smear making the rounds these days, in the form of a video from "Eyeblast TV". I had planned to keep this blog clear of this type of garbage, but I just had to comment on this one, because people are eating this lie UP, without looking at where it's coming from. Here is the video, I will attempt to embed it here as soon as I can figure out how to do that:

This video claims to have been produced by a group from Durham, NC, who bill themselves as an "entertainment company, a political group, and a religious experience":

Here's more from "Illuminati" TV:

Illuminati TV also claims to operate a Christian film school:

... which makes me wonder just what their connection is to VisionForum....

And as if all this isn't enough, here's where their video's clip of Obama "refusing to place his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegience" actually comes from:

According to the Washington Post, this video "was taken on September 16, 2007, at Senator Tom Harkin's annual steak fry festivities in Iowa, an important ritual for Democratic presidential hopefuls. Contrary to the e-mails attacking Obama for disrespecting the flag, the candidates were not reciting the pledge of allegiance. They were standing for the national anthem.

So there you have it -- "political organizations" who bill themselves as "religious" are using slick internet ads to spread deliberate lies about political cantidates, and are teaching our young people to do the same.]

We should be VERY concerned.


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