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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Matt Chancey, Suffrage, Arranged Marriage, Jews, Catholics, Women, etc.

At the Demopolis Times, "JoshC" wrote:

There's nothing wrong with someone believing that they should vote for their household. Even if the male happens to be the head of the household. If a woman lives by her self with her children, she is the head of her household. If she lives by herself, she is a representation of her household. Some people have different convictions than others.
I think there's more to the story, otherwise you wouldn't be so fired up. You're obviously trying to find some dirt on Matt and you can't think of anything but this? If this is all you can find on Matt than he's a saint.
Why don't you talk about how Matt spends 3 months out of the year working on building water wells and taking blood over to the Sudan? Why don't you talk about how he is a Godly man who takes care of his wife and children?
You focus on what you think is a negative thing that you do not agree with. Well I'm sure I can find some things that I don't agree with about your personal convictions. "

Chancey's bizarre ideas pertaining to suffrage are quite enough... no need to "dig up dirt" on him, though I hear that the Sudan can be a mighty dusty place, LOL.

The voting standard in the United States is "one man, one vote", it has been "one man, one vote" for a long time now, and that applies whether the voter is male or female, head of household or not.

Apparently, in the Chancey household's ideal world, fathers would vote for the household, and all daughters would live at home "serving their fathers" (google "Ladies against Feminism" and "Being Your Father's Daughter") until the time of their arranged courtship and marriage, at which time they would pass from their father's ownership into their husband's possession, thus assuring that they would never have the chance to vote; theoretically, any adult sons living at home would be similarly disenfranchised.

Certainly women COULD vote under such a system if they were the heads of their own household, but the only time that this would happen would be when a woman was widowed, and then only until such time as she remarried or moved in with an adult male relative; in Chancey's world, to ensure that widows remarried promptly, they might even be encouraged to avail themselves of Christian matchmaking/arranged-marriage services, such as this one, run by Jennie Chancey's parents. (Jenny Chancey's father is the Reverend Ovid Need; he is a prolific writer, for some samples of his work and his rather amazing views concerning Jews, Catholics, and women, go here and here and here.)

Head-of-household voting, arranged courtship and marriages, bride-prices.... that's NOT the American way, Josh -- in fact, it's SO unAmerican that most folks would never dream that ANYONE in this day and age (other than fundamentalist Moslems) could hold such views, much less an educated man who is running for political office in the United States of America!

But, Matt Chancey and those close to him DO appear to hold such views, and the voters of Alabama need to know about it.


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