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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me: Chancey, the PSC Runoff, and My New Name, LOL

I had a comment get stuck in moderation over on Flashpoint the other day, and I just reposted it there this morning. It was a little late to do that, since the election is over, but I just had to thank Rusty Boudreaux for my new moniker. I'm turning 50 today, and it's the best present I've received so far!

Anyhow, Rusty wrote,

Your concerns might matter if Chancey becomes Supreme Leader or der Führer or was a SCOTUS nominee. It’s not pertinent to utility regulation."


"You didn’t lie when you said you felt it was your “duty” to inform voters that Chancey’s wife has a blog. You’ve spammed every blog on the net that even casually referenced Chancey. On how many was this your first (and only) post?"The term crusading (virtual) carpetbagger comes to mind.

LOl… no, it’s not, but everybody has to start somewhere, Rusty.

And really, it’s not such a laughing matter. Chancey is what you call a dominionist,and for the last thirty years, dominionists have been preaching that people should have as many kids as possible and homeschool them to believe the dominionist take on Christianity, in the hopes that they will outbreed the mainstream opposition, seek political office in some cases, and gradually make their beliefs the majority views in America.

Check out this article, by Doug Phillips, Chancey’s mentor:

“National Home School Convention Casts Vision”
“In addition, the disproportionately high fertility rate of home educators, coupled with a philosophical and spiritual commitment of many to pass on the principles of multi-generational living to the their children, means that home educators are on the verge of an explosion of socio-political influence. Bottom line: We are out-populating our cultural opponents.”………..from Doug's Blog,Friday,October 8, 2004

Chancey is a first-generation product of the dominionist homeschooling system, and predictibly, Chancey’s fellow dominionionists are quite excited by his cantidacy and are plugging it online, even if they don’t live in Alabama.

As for “spamming”, for the most part, I usually post multiple comments to a blog only when someone wishes to debate, as we are doing now. Posting once in hopes of sparking a debate (or twice or more in cases of trying to fit a 2000 word comment into a 500 word comment limit, or for purposes adding pertinent information) isn’t considered spamming, no matter how many blogs you comment on — it’s called TROLLING.

So, yes, call me a crusading carpetbagger — I’ll wear the label with pride - but do get your terms right — it’s crusading TROLLING carpetbagger, not crusading SPAMMING carpetbagger.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Crusading Carpetbagger
(maybe I should go out and buy myself a cape? Hmmmm.......)



Blogger simplegifts3 said...

"Crusading Trolling Carpetbagger"

Hmmm -- sounds a little too long for a moniker to me! ;-)

Like whoever "Josh" was, he didn't do the same on many sites, only in the opposite direction! Politics is politics, and free speech is free speech, for crying out loud!

9:03 AM  
Blogger simplegifts3 said...

New numbers, too!

9:04 AM  

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