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Friday, December 28, 2007

An Open Letter to

Seems the Kinists have a brand new blog, and that they don't much like all the publicity that their movement has been recieving lately.

I was looking at my sitemeter today, and I was led to this site, where the author complained that I and other bloggers "set(s) an a priori equalitarianism doctrine above scripture", and are "simply looking for whiskey from a bottle of wine. A kinder and gentler patriarchism, a traditionalism that will pass the sniff test of worldliness, and ultimately, feminism."

The writer ruefully concludes that "Kinism is nothing but orthodox Occidental Christianity, as it was and as it might again be." and that "Kinists are rather accustomed to attacks from the shadows. Rather than confront Kinists directly, its opponents, such as Cythia Gee, seek to use fashionable opinion to ruin lives and reputations. People have stopped arguing directly with Kinists on the merits, because they grew tired of losing the arguments in publicly humiliating ways. Their new strategy is to employ the tools of the terrorist. In all of this one thing is clear to me: the New Jerusalem is not Suffragette City."

The funny thing is, that when I tried to "argue directly" with this fellow in his own comments section, I found that his blog does not allow comments!
So, I'm posting my reply here:

"Well, hello there. I found your site while looking at the referrals on my site meter. Gotta love those referrals -- if it weren't for them, sites like yours might get a lot less traffic.

Not that you don't enjoy sniping from the shadows, mind, but if you'd come out into the open and discuss your views on larger, more public blogs, such as
True Womanhood in the New Millennium , you might build a bigger audience for your own little blog.... unless of course you and your views are not up for a bit of discussion and debate (and if you're not, perhaps you can send Kinswoman over in your place.....) :) "



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