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Monday, August 27, 2007

How, Indeed....

Today on Jen's Gems, Nikki Bratton said,

"My husband always says there are always two sides of the story. Reading Doug’s Blog after hearing Jen’s story and reading Doug’s Blog after hearing the story of someone who is in a good relationship with him is two very different readings. One sees evidence of a male chauvanist pig, the other sees the evidence of a man who values women. Who praises their abilities and protects thier frailities.

What are you doing for these poor “oppressed” women by belittling there intelligence? You speak of these men’s wives as idiot’s suffering under the bliss of intelligence. What gives them the strength to endure the comments thrusted onto them by yourselves and the rest of society who mocks their “backwards” ways? The praise of their husbands and children. That is something slander can never touch. If your home was so loving and strong, an excommunication from an unbiblical church would have rolled off your backs as you stood together.

But that was the whole point of your story… this church wasn’t saving your marriage. Doug wasn’t protecting Jen from Mark when she needed it. If the situation was so dangerous why call a pastor when you need the police?

So there you have it. I am woman and I boldly proclaim my “brainwashed” state. I have no fear in making such bold statements because I am cherished and praised because of the fact that I am God’s handiwork."

“I have no fear in making such bold statements because I am cherished and praised because of the fact that I am God’s handiwork.”

Yes, Nikki, you are… but so are all other people, of all nations and races.
The Africans who were enslaved in the Old South were God’s handiwork too, as were the Jews murdered in the Holocaust and the people of color who languished under South Africa’s apartheid movement.
Despite this fact, Phillips has garnered money and support by cozying up to the NeoConfederate movement, and he supports his father, whose party has thrown in with anti-Semites, holocaust deniers, the apartheid movement, and the militia movement. VisionForum’s homeschooling materials rewrite the facts of history to support the political positions of those hate groups which are being courted by the Constitution Party.
How would you explain your support of Phillips and his positions to your murdered and abused brothers and sisters, who were not cherished or praised but who are, nonetheless, also God’s handiwork?