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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Palin, Joel's Army, and Praying Mother Theresa to Death from the Top of Mt. Everest -- Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder...

....I read something like this, by Bruce Wilson:

By Bruce Wilson, Talk To Action
Posted on September 8, 2008, Printed on September 8, 2008
"On June 8, 2008 Palin was publicly blessed, with the “laying on of hands” before six thousand Wasilla area church members, by Head Wasilla Assembly of God Pastor Ed Kalnins and on the same day both Kalnins and Palin described, at a “Masters Commission” ceremony at the Wasilla Assembly of God church, how she had been blessed prior to winning the Alaska governorship by an African cleric known for driving the “spirit of witchcraft” out of a town in Kenya, after which town supposedly crime rates dropped “almost to zero.”

Sarah Palin’s churches are actively involved in a resurgent movement that was declared heretical by the Assemblies of God in 1949. This is the same ‘Spiritual Warfare’ movement that was featured in the award winning movie, “Jesus Camp,” which showed young children being trained to do battle for the Lord. At least three of four of Palin’s churches are involved with major organizations and leaders of this movement, which is referred to as The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit or the New Apostolic Reformation. The movement is training a young “Joel’s Army” to take dominion over the United States and the world."

Joel's Army.... no big surprise there -- dangerous, but still just your everyday garden variety dominionist nuts. But, it gets worse. Palin's former church in Wasilla is part of the virulently anti-Catholic Third Wave Movement, declared heretical by the General Counsel of the Assemblies of God not once, but twice, in 1949 and again in 2000. Writes Wilson:

"The Third Wave is a revival of the theology of the Latter Rain tent revivals of the 1950s and 1960s led by William Branham and others. It is based on the idea that in the end times there will be an outpouring of supernatural powers on a group of Christians that will take authority over the existing church and the world. The believing Christians of the world will be reorganized under the Fivefold Ministry and the church restructured under the authority of Prophets and Apostles and others anointed by God. The young generation will form “Joel’s Army” to rise up and battle evil and retake the earth for God. While segments of this belief system have been a part of Pentecostalism and charismatic beliefs for decades, the excesses of this movement were declared a heresy in 1949 by the General Council of the Assemblies of God, and again condemned through Resolution 16 in 2000.
The Third Wave, also known as the New Apostolic Reformation, is a network of Apostles, many of them grouped around C. Peter Wagner, founder of the World Prayer Center. This center, which was built in coordination with Ted Haggard and his New Life Church in Colorado Springs, was featured in an article by Jeff Sharlet in Harpers, May 2005, “Soldiers of Christ.”

Wilson writes,
"Wagner’s top leaders often conduct spiritual warfare campaigns against the demons that block the acceptance of their brand of Christian belief, such as ‘Operation Ice Castle’ in the Himalayas in 1997. Several of their top prophets and generals of intercession spent weeks in intensive prayer to “confront the Queen of Heaven.” This queen is considered by them to be one of the most powerful demons over the earth and is the Great Harlot of Mystery Babylon in Revelation. (The “Great Harlot [or 'whore'] of Mystery Babylon” theme also figures prominently in the sermons of Texas megachurch pastor and Christians United For Israel founder John Hagee, former endorser of John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid.) Wagner and his group also claim that the Queen of Heaven is Diana, the pagan god of the biblical book Ephesians and the god of Mary veneration in the Roman Catholic Church."

And, Ana Mendez, a former Haitian voodoo priestess turned born-again preacher, also seems to be taking personal credit for the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa:

"Following the ‘Operation Ice Castle’ prayer excursion which included planting a flag for Jesus on Mt. Everest, one of the lead prayer intercessors from the excursion, Ana Mendez, reported that there had been dramatic results including, “millions have come to faith in Asia… and other things happened which I believe are also connected…an earthquake had destroyed the basilica of Assisi, where the Pope had called a meeting of all world religions; a hurricane destroyed the infamous temple ‘Baal-Christ’ in Acapulco, Mexico; the Princes Diana died… and Mother Theresa died in India, one of the most famous advocates of Mary as Co-Redeemer.”

Heresies... dominionists... and former voodoo priestesses turned Christian, praying Mother Theresa and Princess Diana to death from the top of Mount Everest, all in the name of -- Jesus?
Oh, my.

What can you say about a thing like that? It seems that the inmates are now running the asylum, and, not content with that, they are also running for the office of Vice President of the United States.


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