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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Palin is as Palin does...

At "True Womanhood in the New Millennium", Lin said,
““I think if we were all being truthful, most of us who classify ourselves as politically conservative would have to admit that if Palin were on the Democratic ticket, we’d be at least somewhat disapproving of the way it appears she might be handling her family life.”"
Not me. I would be looking at her political and policy beliefs. My problem with Hillary was not that she had a nanny for Chelsea most of her young life. My problem was her thinking she was an unelected co-gov and co prez and could push her liberal policies.”

Given the way she’s handled Troopergate, I wouldn’t vote for Palin no matter what party she belonged to, no matter how she has handled her family life.

Sarah Palin made a big splash earlier this month, billing herself as the All-American Christian Mom, and as a “Washington outsider.” She may be a Washington outsider, but from the way she’s thrown her weight around in Alaska and acted as though she’s above the law up there, I’d say that she is only an outsider in DC because until now, she has lived too far away to be an insider — behavior-wise, she’s looking like just another bullying, spin-talking bigshot politician.

As for Palin being the All-American Christian Mom, I won’t second guess her faith — that’s between her and God — but I will second guess her witness. In faith, as in everything else, you can talk “policy” all day long, but in the end, it all comes down to behavior….and from what I’ve seen of Sarah Palin’s behavior in dealing with Troopergate, I am not impressed.


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