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Friday, February 09, 2007

And Hacked Again...

An hour or so ago, I reposted the three articles at my Homeschoolblogger page that the hacker had deleted.

As I finished reposting the third one, a comment appeared, from "anonymous", saying,
"So you were hacked, and only three articles were removed. Why didn't the hacker delete the whole thing? Do the three articles have anything in common? Does that tell you anything?"

Well, I just went back to my Homeschoolblogger page, to find that the three articles which I had reposted, have been removed again, and my account there has been disabled by the administrator.

(Note: the links in the comments section of this posting may be viewed by cutting and pasting them into your browser. They will take you to a site which will redirect you to the appropriate page. Sorry for the inconvenience, but Blogger does not allow the editing of comments, so I can't go in and fix them directly.)


Blogger Jen said...

I certainly hope you have changed your password, Cynthia, to something much more difficult.

9:06 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

I just did. And I changed my other passwords too. I thought it WAS difficult. I wonder how whoever it was, figured out what it was?

9:15 PM  
Blogger Corrie said...

Hi Cynthia,

That was me that left the anonymous comment. I think it is pretty obvious, at least to me, what is going on. What is the common thread in all three of those articles? Why don't they take down your other articles?

I think the blogosphere has gone insane. To think people are so desperate as to hack a blog? Why? Cynthia, do you know any reason someone would want to hack your little blog? Do you have a lot of traffic here or something? Are you well-known?
What is the common denominator?

11:56 AM  
Blogger CJ said...

It appears that the blog administrator may have something to do with it. My account has been disabled, and I can't post anything new there.
And yes, it seems that I have become rather well known. One of the posts that was deleted was "Behind the HyperPatriarchy II", the article that links MacDonald and Phillips to Wilkins, Wilson, and the League of the South, and to which which a number of other blogowners have linked.

I had republished that article on *Talk To Action*
under the title "Reconstructing the Confederacy", and it seems that it attracted some attention from the fellows over at the Chalcedon Foundation.

I received a letter from a collegue warning me to be aware that Chris Ortiz at Chalcedon Foundation has become aware of my writing, and doesn't like it:

It also seems that Ortiz doesn't like the fact that I have been deliberately spelling Rushdoony's name with an "e", about half of the time. It's rather childish, I know, but I wondered how long it would take until one of these fellows finally noticed and made a point of pointing it out.

8:14 AM  
Blogger zan said...

Hey Cynthia,

Do you embrace the beliefs ( pro-choice) of Talk to Action?

I think things are gettin way out of hand.

12:28 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

NO, I am not pro-choice. I an anti-abortion, anti-euthanesia, anti-death penalty, and pro-universal health care.

2:27 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

Zan, I'd like to to add to that last comment, lest someone play the guilt-by-association card just because I posted an article on Talk2Action the other day.

First of all, it is true that Talk2Action's
"mission statement" reads
"We are pro-religious equality and pro-separation of church and state. We are prochoice, and we support gay and lesbian civil rights — including marriage equality. Therefore, debates about the validity of abortion and gay rights are off topic."

For the record, I am an orthodox, old-fashioned, non-Dominionist Protestant.
I am pro-separation of Church and state, but I am also Pro-life, anti-capital punishment, and pro-universal healthcare, as I stated earlier. That set of views puts me at odds with both the hard Left and the hard Right, much of the time. But I comment on all kinds of blogs, not just on those sites where everyone agrees with me.

And, everyone at Talk2Action certainly does not agree with me. The comments I made to this piece of nastiness (linked below) last Thursday didn't win me any popularity contests:

Someone wrote to me and told me that the Prairie Muffins (no kidding, that's what these ladies call themselves) are saying that the fact that I post articles At Talk2Action proves that I am in agreement with their "mission statement".

Carmon, the blog owner and head Muffin, says:
"I’m not sure someone with those family values is the person who can speak objectively about the “darker side to the Reconstructionist/Patriarchy movement.” She can believe what she wishes about any topic under the sun, but I wanted to set the record straight for the sake of those who might read some of her writing and have the mistaken impression that she is fundamentally in agreement with their Christian worldview."


12:18 AM  
Blogger zan said...

Thankyou for answering my question. I have just became a recent reader of Carmon's blog and got the info there. I do think that many who read your article on TalkToAction will assume that you DO hold to their beliefs.

I am very distressed about all that is going on in the blog world. I do not think this namecalling on either side is helping anyone or glorifying God. I want you to know that I GREATLY sympathise with the Epsteins and believe their story because my family and I went through an almost identical episode with a reformed semi-cult. We tried to write letters to everyone and defend ourselves, but that just caused us so much pain and hurt. No one believed us and called us terrible things. At one point I was ready to turn away from God (I was 15). After a few months, we gave up and joined a Presbyterian church in another town and remained quiet about the situation. In God's time some families who had shunned us came to realize that we had been grossely mistreated by the elders. They even apologized!

I do not think it is right for Mr. Ortiz to call you silly. I don't think that is showing CHristian love. If people are hacking your blogs, I am sorry. That is wrong and I think it would fall into the "stealing area" of sin. I also think that the Mrs. Binoculars site is the most juvenile thing I have ever seen and hope that Mr. Chancey keeps his day job. Sherlock Holmes, he is not.

I enjoy Carmon's blog and think she has a lot of wise things to say. I have known many people who think Rushdoony was a great theologian who are not racists. I think that Thomas Jefferson was a great thinker, but that doesn't make me a racist because Jefferson was a racist.

I, also, want you to know that homeschool moms are not idiots and believe eveything the curriculum says. I was taught with the A-Beka curriculum and my parents pointed out the Fundmental Baptist persuasion of the curriculum and what was accurate and what may have been exaggerated.

I do think that there is a view in reformed circles that give too much credit to men. I think this can lead to error and is one of the reasons, I believe, that my ultra-reformed parents converted to Roman Catholism. I am very careful to put the title "great" on any man because the only truly "great" man was Christ.

I am rambling now, but I think that maye you shouldn't be writing these negative articles. I have never been a fan of Doug Phillips because I have discerment (as do many Bible believing Christians)and can see what he says is truth and spit out the bones. I also don't give a lot of my time to people who are independent and not under authority of an orthodox church (presbytery or session). Our reformed church went nuts after it became independent.

I guess I just think you should be quiet about what is going on. If all these Dominionist are wolves in sheep's clothing, God will reveal it to his people. He did it for my family. Maybe it is my reformed background that tells me I should leave it in God's hands. Doing this has given me peace about what happened. Maybe we should be praying for instead of attacking these people.

I hope I didn't upset you too much. I didn't mean to. I think there is alot of error on both sides. Horrible name calling like I've never seen. This is not a good witness to the world.

BTW, I am not a Dominionist.

Have a good day and God bless you.

PS. Carmon, if you read this, I am sorry for my many grammatical errors. I, was, and still am very bad at writing. I, also, hope you are not mad at me, for I do enjoy your blog even when I disagree. Sometimes I think that you are a little harsh, but I have been gulity of that in the past, too.

10:41 AM  
Blogger CJ said...

Zan, thank you for asking me whether or not I share the mindset of Talk2Action.
And, no, you didn't upset me. You were giving your heartfelt opinion, and, even though I don't agree with the part about keeping quiet and not writing negative articles, I appreciate your insights, and your gracious way of expressing them.
God Bless you.

12:09 PM  
Blogger said...

Re: "hacked again"

This may be a misunderstanding. Please check your email.

-Paul and Gena, Admin for HSB

12:37 PM  
Blogger Esther said...

"I do think that there is a view in reformed circles that give too much credit to men. I think this can lead to error"

Bingo! Very wise observation. Some of the hyper patriarchal reformed types do not seem to read Hebrews or understand it if they do.

But the Catholic Church is just as bad or worse, friend.

4:45 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

Paul, Gena, nothing would please me more than to find that my blog was the victim of a computer glitch rather than the target of a hacker.
I haven't seen anything in my email, bu I will keep looking.
I have a good appetite for crow when I am eating it because people turned out to be nicer than I had originally thought.

7:39 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

Gena, I recieved you email in my other mailbox. You should be receiving my reply right about now.

10:38 PM  
Blogger zan said...

Reply to Esther:

I just wanted to clarify that I don't see anything wrong with reading important theologians to help you understand the Bible and doctrine clearly. I think the reasons my parents converted to RCC is because they relied so much on man's writings and they started reading the church father's writings and that lead them to Roman Catholism.

I think that God has his people in all churches that hold to the ecumenical creeds (Apostles Creed), even in Rome. My parents still believe in salvation by faith alone, as do alot of their Catholic friends. I, also, think that my brothers and sisters in Christ are in these hyper patriarchal circles which is why I let God be the one to determine if they are saved.

I know I sound wishy-washy. If I could see the way I believe now just a couple of years ago, I wouldn't have believed it. I was a staunch, "your probably not a CHristian if you're not a Calvinist or your just ignorant" Christian. I think it is better to try to be a peacemaker and live by example. I am starting to realize what turn the other cheek means. I think I am this way after watching my parents convert. All the correct doctrine in the world (believe me, they knew their Rushdoony and all that stuff) and that still did not protect them.

I will say that my parents show a love and a peace since they have come away from the Reformed church that I have never seen in them. I am very confused by this.

There are terrible wars going on in the visible church among brothers and sisters over peripheral doctrine when we should be uniting in Christ against the wicked world. It is very sad.

Reply to CJ: I thought it would be OK to just come out and ask you. There seems to be a lot of whispering around the internet. I think it is just logical to come out and ask people instead of assuming the worst. The worst you were going to say is that you DID hold to that T2A statement and then I would reconsider my opinion of you. If you have questions: ASK THEM. What were you going to do to me? Come through the internet wires and get me because I asked you a question? :-) Yesterday, I read this article on some blog by someone who took another blog article and disected it and came up with the idea that this guy did not believe the Bible was inspired. *sigh* Before the critical blogger did this, he should've asked the guy what he believed concerning the origin of scriptures. If the guy pussyfooted around and wouldn't give him a straight answer, like a politician, then I could justify the blog article. Make sense?

Can't their be civilized honest debate?

You gals have a good day.

9:47 AM  
Blogger CJ said...

Hi Zan.... I like the way you think. Please come right out and ask me anything, and please come right out and TELL me anything, including the fact that you think I am full of baloney, should that ever become the case. :)
I may not agree with you, but discussion is a good thing, always. There's no topic so bad, that two Christians can't discuss it in a civilized fashion.

The things that I don't like are name calling, and strike-and-run guerilla tactics, where someone throws out a bunch of accusations but will not back them up with dialogue:

As for Catholicism....
I grew up a Roman Catholic, and I studied theology at a Catholic college. I became a Protestant 28 years ago, though I had been born again 5 years earlier, as a Catholic.
There are many, many saved people in the Catholic church, and many of Catholicism's core beliefs are right on target, particularly their view of human gender, and their pro-life stance.
The Catholic church falls short, in my opinion, when it comes to telling people about salvation by grace through faith, and it is my view that their soteriology places too much emphasis on works. They also teach a lot of doctrine regarding Mary, etc, that is not demonstrably incorrect, but is certainly extra-Biblical.

The Catholics have their own problems right now, too, with a group of extremists who closely resemble the Calvinist dominionists.
One such group has been in schism with the main body of the Catholic church since about 1980; various other ideological groups have remained within the Church and have been steadily working to bring mainstream Catholics around to their ways of thinking, which generally include some or all of the following:
hyper-patriarchy, Quiverfull (mainstream Catholicism allows for natural family planning, Quiverfull does not), dresses only and headcovering for women, limited education and limited career choices for women, and, in some instances, antiSemitism, racism, and a Catholic-based version of dominionism.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Buck said...

Catholicism allows for natural family planning, Quiverfull does not), dresses only and headcovering for women, limited education and limited career choices for women [/quote]

Can you name one of the groups that's supporting gender-role reformation in Catholicism?

7:08 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

Buck, can you clarify what you mean by gender-role reformation?
I ask you that because the ultra- Consevative Catholics would call their headcovering/Quiverful philosophy gender-reformation, and the ultra-Liberals would use the same term to describe their push for women's ordination.

7:43 PM  
Blogger frances said...

I can't follow any of your links -- they all show up in my browser with a "?" after the forward slash, like this:

It's probably something at my end, but if you would tell me what that character should be (assuming it's consistent) I can edit the URLs accordingly.

I'd like to see the various discussions!

2:36 AM  
Blogger srl said...

She is using a link shortener service.

You should get a yellow page that says:


Please wait for 8 seconds!

Now connecting to :
http: // somewhere

you can click on the 'somewhere' to go directly there if you aren't sent there automatically. Hope this helps.

2:52 AM  

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