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Friday, February 09, 2007

"Defender of the South"?

I recieved this letter in my mirror Commonsense site at Homeschoolblogger,

Jan. 29, 2007
Posted by ConcernedabouttheGossip
"I wonder is you are aware that RC Sproul Jr. has an adopted son who is black.
And are you aware that he and his wife were having trouble financing the adoption due to medical bills I believe, until one of thier friends stepped in and paid the bill. This friend was Douglas Phillips. I heard him tell this story at a HS conference. I do not know either of them. Now why would he do this if he is such racist? Pay for his friend to adopt a black boy? I don't think so! Does not sound like racist act to me. Just a thought!. Now I am not a big RC fan but I think too many people are making too many accusations lately without proof. I am sure it is grieving God, shouldn't we just go about our buisness homeschooling our own kids and mind our own famlies affairs. If you do not go to their churched or live next door to them why point your finger at them?

The above is a link Mr. Sproul's blog telling the story.

Please be careful with your accusations ! "


Now, even racists can be nice once in a while, and do things like lend money to friends, even though they disapprove of the use to which the money will be put, but in case you haven't noticed, Doug Phillips praises Dabney not only as a theologian but as the "Defender of the South"!!!

Dabney defended enslavement of all Blacks, and he believed that slavery was the only appropriate station in life for Black people.

He wrote:
"It is enough for us to place ourselves on this impregnable stand; that the relation of master and slave is recognized as lawful in itself by a sound philosophy, and above all, by the Word of God. It is enough for us to say (what is capable of overwhelming demonstration) that for the African race, such as Providence has made it, and where He has placed it in America, slavery was the righteous, the best, yea, the only tolerable relation."

This is the man of whom Phillips says, "And so with joy we doff our hats and shout from every mouth:Hail Dabney, wise apologist, defender of the South!"

If Phillips is not a racist, I'd say he is either an expert spin-doctor, or a hypocrite, or one very, very confused young man, who is idealized by other confused young men.... you tell me which:

... and, another thought came to me, in re-reading "Concerned's" letter -- why do people who are uneducated themselves attempt to homeschool their children? This trend worries me -- Heaven-knows-how-many barely literate homeschooling parents, teaching VisionForum's revisionist curriculum to who-knows-how-many kids apiece....

Homeschooling is a very fine option for families, provided the parents who choose to do so are up to the task. But I'm afraid that what we are seeing is the birth of a new underclass, marginally literate, passionately Dominionist, and thoroughly indoctrinated into the worldview and the Cause of the men who idolize Dabney.


Blogger Scott Eash said...

Dear Ms. Gee,

You have made some very serious accusations against Mr. Phillips and Mr. Sproul. Are you prepared to back up your accusations with fact and not mere opinion? I mean no disrespect.

Have you taken notice that Vision Forum sells a book called One Blood? This is a solid, anti-racism book! Would a racist promote a book that sharply criticizes racism? Perhaps a hypocrite would, but do we have enough information to call Mr. Phillips a hypocrite?

Furthermore, when I evaluate the teachings of any Christian leader, I have learned to "chew the meat and spit out the bones." In other words, I understand that every person believes and teaches things I disagree with; I can't agree with someone on everything. No one can! We all disagree with everyone on something(s).

So what are we to do? Are we to throw out all teachings of every Christian leader who ever lived? That would be foolish. We should, rather, listen to and accept the teachings that are good, and reject the teachings that are false.

Is Mr. Phillips a racist? I think not. He has done with Dabney what we should do with Mr. Phillips - praise the good, and reject the bad. We cannot accuse Mr. Phillips of being a racist simply because he praises a man who endorsed slavery. This does not mean that Mr. Phillips himself endorses slavery.

Consider this: Mr. Dabney was a Presbyterian, which means he believed in baptizing infants, but Mr. Phillips defends Believer's baptism! Are we going to assume that Mr. Phillips endorses infant baptism since he praises Dabney, a Presbyterian? That would be an unjustified (and false) accusation, just like it is unjust to accuse Mr. Phillips of being a racist simply because he praised Dabney.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Georgia said...

I just discovered this blog. A year later. Why did you stop writing? I used to go to a bible teaching church for 10 years. Attended bible study and taught Sunday School. I have working knowledge of the bible.

These people at Vision Forum and the Conservative Voice websites are dangerous. They are more conserned with duty and family. I don't see the light of Jesus in these people. They want to go back to this puritan lifestyle and want to use biblical principals to achieve this. Who is Lord here Jesus or Patriarchy?

7:00 AM  

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