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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

There was an Old Biddy who Lived in a Shoe...

Regarding the Quiverfull Movement, someone wrote,
“I have seen women who do not breastfeed or severely limit breastfeeding so they can have as many children in as little time as possible. They wonder why CPS is called on them all the time by their neighbors. Well, when your children are running around the neighborhood in March with no shoes on and no coats on and your toddler is in the middle of the road, that really is not a hard thing to comprehend. ”

So true.
And, other considerations come into play here as well. When a woman’s husband has a good job, and she can afford to have as many kids as she wants without resorting to medicaid or foodstamps (or, welfare– yes, working parents are eligible too, if they have more kids than income), that’s one thing, and everybody praises her in the gates, but just let Mom show up in the supermarket checkout line with nine kids and foodstamps, and the Busybodybiddies will be tsk-tsking.

If Mom and kids have dark hair and eyes, they will also be tsk-tsking about those Mexican Catholic immigrants who are coming here illegally and taking over the country.

If the family is black, they will be muttering words like “welfare queen”, even if no food stamps are in sight and Mom is wearing a head-doily and a wedding ring.

And if the Mom is white and the kids are black, better call 911, because half a dozen Mrs. Busybodybiddies will have just passed out in aisle #5 of the Piggley Wiggley from an old-fashioned attack of the vapors.



Blogger thatmompodcast said...


Could you please send me a link to access all these articles. And why are they down now, do you know?

BTW, you are quite the researcher. I enjoy learning from your discoveries! Thanks for sharing with us.


12:36 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

Karen, the comment to which I am referring in this article was made by "Corrie" at Jen's Gems, in an article entitled (really!) "Article Temporarily Offline" .

As for the broken links in my other postings, they are down because the owners of the sites to which they connect apparently do not appreciate the publicity which they and their beliefs are recieving. Many of the original links in "Behind the HyperPatriarchs" connected to a site called "The Patriarch's Path", owned by the Rev. James and Stacey McDonald. That site was taken down in March by the owner, and so I linked to the PP archives; within a day or two of my doing so the archives were removed as well. The current links will take you to the same articles on other sites, but for how long, who can say...

1:22 PM  

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